Alcoholism Issues


The following represents various issues, problems, and short stories about people who have faced drinking problems.

Alcohol Poisoning Can Result from Long-Term Abusive Drinking

Larry was a single twenty-four-year-old roofer who went to the local bar almost every day after work. Larry worked hard and made good money.

As he told his friends on a number of occasions, "I make plenty of money and I work hard. What's wrong with having a few drinks after working in the sun all day?"

If anyone has ever worked in construction for any length of time, he or she knows that having a cool beer after working outside all day makes perfect sense.

After all, there are few things that "hit the spot" like a cold beer when a person is thirsty.


What a lot of people apparently do not realize, however, is that alcohol poisoning can happen because of excess drinking over time. In other words, alcohol poisoning does not always happen because of one singe episode of heavy drinking.

Larry was a perfect example of this. Indeed, Larry was fairly consistent in how much he drank every day.

So it came as quite a shock when Larry drank his usual amount and had to be rushed to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning. Hopefully Larry will see this as a "wakeup call" and learn to drink more moderately in the future.

Christian Alcohol Treatment Centers: Is Alcoholism a Spiritual Disease?

I seem to know a lot of people who have a drinking problem. Many of these individuals hang out almost every night at the local bars.

In all honesty, I cannot recall one person who is alcohol dependent who got treatment at one of the local Christian alcohol treatment centers. In a sense this is kind of perplexing because most of the people I know were raised within the Christian religion.

I'm not sure, but it seems that people who are alcoholic have somehow lost their way in life. Stated differently, for those who are alcohol dependent it seems as though they have lost their sense of meaning and significance.

When put in these terms, alcoholism is not only a disease of the body and the brain, but also a disease of the spirit. As a result, why don't more Christian alcoholics get professional help at one of the Christian alcohol treatment centers in their locality?

Coping Skills and Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers

I know that life is not easy, but why do millions of American teens abuse alcohol? Why is there so much alcohol abuse among teenagers in the United States?

The more I think about this the more I am convinced that there is a strong relationship between teen alcohol abuse and poor coping skills.

If I am on target with this assessment, then it would seem to make a lot of sense for our school systems to start teaching all of our students about coping skills, better decision-making skills, money-management and time management skills, more productive relationship skills, and basic life skills.

Alcohol Effects and Alcohol-Related Health Problems

Drug and alcohol abuse research has demonstrated that one of the main alcohol effects is health problems. That is, the more people drink to an excess, the more likely they are to experience health problems in their lives.

This statement, while accurate, does not capture the full impact of how many different diseases and illnesses are directly or indirectly interlinked with chronic alcohol abuse.

To set the record straight, the following is a sample of some of the alcohol-related health issues that are correlated with long-term heavy drinking: cancer, heart disease, ulcers, memory loss, kidney failure, brain damage, liver disease, strokes, and pancreatitis. With so many alcohol-related health issues, why would anyone want to drink in a hazardous and risky manner?

A Young Lady Experiences Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Angie had been drinking quite a bit since she and her boyfriend broke up. In fact, for the past five months she had been drinking almost a bottle of wine every night and also had a number of shots throughout the day.

Finally Angie told herself that enough is enough and that it is time to quit feeling sorry for herself, to stop drinking, and to move on with her life.

She decided to quit cold turkey the next day. She thought that she would be tempted to sneak a drink but she was totally taken aback when she started to feel like she had the flu.


As the day progressed, she started to sweat profusely, her head was throbbing, she vomited a number of times, she was extremely moody and anxious, and she had absolutely no appetite.

She called her family doctor and told him what was going on. Her doctor told her that she was suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms and that she had better stop at the office immediately.

On the way to the doctor's office all Angie could think about was the fact that she was alcohol dependent. She knew she had a drinking problem but never thought that she was an alcoholic.